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Modern Care & Education in a Traditional Setting

The Pelican Nursery is based in two sites on Kennington Cross SE11.


Our baby nursery takes children from 6 Months to 2 years. Our preschool nursery takes children aged two to five. Currently we are only accepting admissions through the baby nursery.


Both offer full, year-round daycare between 8am and 6pm in bright and stimulating settings with good outdoor space at each.

Ofsted inspections at both nurseries

At the end of July both nursery sites had unannounced and separate visits by Ofsted inspectors as part of t... (read more)

Picnic in the Park

The parent committee have scheduled a picnic in Kennington park for Sunday 20th July for all parents and children at ... (read more)

Lambeth Palace Fete

The Nursery had a stall at the Lambeth Palace fete on Saturday 28th June raising money for North Lambeth Parish who a... (read more)